Light and a little conspiracy theory

Born Into Light by Paul Samuel Jacobs

Another Scholastic publication I’ve saved through the years. Something about this enchanted me and I’m pretty sure I remember what it was.

It was the allusion to light and the fact that this was a part of the two strange alien children this revolves around. Since then, I’ve┬áseen a few other light powers and loved them just as much. There are the creepy children from Village of the Damned and their light eyes. Sookie and her light fingers. (Interestingly, one of the actors who was a child also turns up in True Blood as Sookie’s cousin. Coincidence or are light powers real? I’ll let you decide) And of course Willow and her light hair.

My point is that this book started it for me, and whenever I write light powers into something, it’s likely due to this catalysing my love of them.