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Seveneves by Neal Stephenson

God, what to say about this breathtaking novel? I think I’m as Moiran as I can be while still being human. I feel like a Julian in my darkest moments and Aidan in even worse ones. I understand the Camilans, as much as one could, but I fear for them. The Dinans and Ivyns are pale comparisons to the sheer magnificence of Dinah and Ivy. And wouldn’t everyone yearn to be or be with a Teklan?

Of course, this won’t make sense to anyone who hasn’t read all the way up to the very end of the novel. I loved the first two thirds of this for the strength and commitment of the characters, as well as the intricate scientific details of what was happening to them as the Earth was destroyed (not a spoiler). It made me wish I were one of them. And I loved the split at the two-thirds mark to a completely different story and time, with new characters and a new, bizarre setting.

My only issue was that in my view, the strongest of the ‘Eves’ were replaced by pale, male renditions in this section, and this detracted from the story I would have preferred their legacy to have told. But that didn’t stop me from getting swept up in the magnificent spectacle of it all.

If you’ve read it too, I highly recommend this article and staring at this graphic for hours.

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