When the cover belies the content

Warriors of Dawn by M.A. Foster

Another second-hand book I salvaged from some St Vinnies or another. After various markdowns for being I presume unsellable, I picked it up for a bargain. The cover intrigued me, with its hyperrealistic ‘ugly’ faces. I still do not know if these men are meant to be Ler or klesh. I find it highly unlikely that they would be the beautiful klesh, but the Ler were no less attractive as far as I could understand.

At any rate, it was not this that held me spellbound through the book, but the incredible characters of Liszendir and Usteyiin. Between these two women, an entire universe appeared, meticulously detailed and fascinating beyond words. Through this novel, the author takes world building to an exhilarating new place that few seem to manage.

It is to my shame and detriment that I have not pursued the other two pieces of this loose trilogy, but this seems to be the only one easily accessible. This would be an absolutely breathtaking film (Luc Besson would be my choice director), but wouldn’t they all? It’s just whether our imaginations can make them or not.