1st Prize in the “LGBTIQ OutStanding Short Story Competition”

My story, ‘A Jellyfish Daydream’ was chosen as the winner of the 2015 OutStanding LGBTIQ Short Story Competition. I couldn’t be more chuffed.

Adrik Kemp shaking hands with Alex Greenwich Adrik and friends

After a nerve-wracking ceremony and some incredible readings from other winners, I read my story to the audience and managed to contain the shakes (as much from excitement as from anxiety) long enough to finish.

All the winners Adrik and judges

The story is available to read for free at the Star Observer, and at OutStanding stories. I’m forever thankful to the organisers and judges for this opportunity as well as for the honour of winning. Thank you so much.

Photos by Viv McGregor.

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All About Adrik

Taking it right back for an introductory post. Rather than posting exclusively about writing, I’m going to treat this as a classic blog and post about me and things that are important to me. So there’ll be a bit of writing, some sex, some science fiction and most importantly, some divisive political stuff to keep it spicy in a different way.

I’m not going to really plan them and I’m not going to spam them either. I’m just going to write what I need to when I need to and if you like it or agree or disagree, hope you let me know so we can argue or I can self-congratulate.

So without further crapping on, here’s a self portrait from when I was but a child.

Adrik self portrait

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